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Series #111 The Art of Letting Go!  Trust your instinct!  The Art of letting go; This is something I learnt years ago, one of the hardest lessons...Life pushed me to that moment where I had to face all my ghosts, all those giant waves... I couldnt avoid them anymore. We, humans tend to  hold painful/traumatic experiences back & we become easily addicted to them without even realised; We are afraid if we just let them go we will loose control over it and that's exactly where the lesson was for me. I had those ghosts with me for such a long time, maybe they were always there . I wasn't ready to simply let them go, they were part of me, I loved them despite they were preventing me from having a fulfilled life. It took me years to understand those ghosts, fears, worries, past loves griefs weren't mine anymore. I didnt need them anymore, I didn't want was time to let them go...  I'm tired to read all those cliché quotes that as soon as you let t

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